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Do you want to bring your invention to the patient? Let's join forces!

Combining an academic outlook with entrepreneurial activities can be a rocky road. At NLC, we share your goal: we want to bring your healthtech invention to the patient! NLC secures 150.000€ in startup funding right from the start and has collected valuable experience in overcoming obstacles by building startups at scale. We know the ins and outs of filing patents, securing start-up capital, and organizing clinical trials. We know the best ways to bring your inventions to the market. You choose your degree of involvement. As a result, you can continue your academic work whilst developing your invention. Let us help you bring your invention to life!

For Inventors

Do you want to make your mark in the World? Lead an innovative venture!

For each healthtech venture that we build, we recruit a start-up CEO to help pave the road ahead. They are responsible for fundraising, strategy and bringing the invention to the market. NLC's team of experienced experts and advisors is here to help every step of the way! We promise you are in good hands.

For Entrepreneurs

Do you want to make a meaningful investment? Invest in healthtech ventures!

NLC offers professional and private investors unique access to both direct and fund investment opportunities in healthtech innovation. Your investment could be the driving force behind a life-saving venture coming to the market! We ensure that the most promising, impactful, and life-changing technology reaches our investors through continuously gathering data and learnings in healthtech venture building.

For Investors

Do you want to lend your expertise? Explore how you can help bring medical inventions closer to the patient's bedside!

NLC looks at thousands of inventions per year. We have a great team who diligently assesses innovations, examines the impact it could bring to patients, and translate these so it could be brought to the clinic. As a clinician, your knowledge in the field is a tremendous and essential support to make this happen.

For Clinicians

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PEP Health


Let hospitals and supervisory bodies know there is a quality issue the moment it arises, using publicly available sources

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Nico.Lab provides an algorithm to interpret medical scans of stroke victims, to make quick, calculated decisions on treatments and monitoring

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NLC Health Ventures launches new early-stage drug delivery company

PRESS RELEASE NLC Health Ventures, in collaboration with Verily, a precision health technology company, will launch Exolvo Biosciences, a pioneering biotech company delivering the…

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Dutch health insurer VGZ invests €6 million in NLC Health Ventures

PRESS RELEASE Dutch health insurer VGZ invests €6 million in NLC Health Ventures INVESTMENT As a driver of healthcare innovation, VGZ is investing €6…

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AI Healthtech start-up MindAffect raises €1.1 million to transform hearing diagnostics

Press release AI-Powered healthtech start-up MindAffect raises €1.1 million to transform hearing diagnostics   Ede, The Netherlands – MindAffect, an NLC Health Ventures-backed start-up, has…

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