NLC formally founded and registered the new NLC Stepping Stone Fund

NLC – The European Healthtech Venture Builder formally founded and registered the new NLC Stepping Stone Fund. This means that the ‘marketing phase’ of the new fund has now commenced, and we are currently welcoming the first investors to join for the fund’s first close (scheduled in September).

Our growing portfolio of groundbreaking healthtech ventures creates the opportunity to connect investors with the start-up world in an unprecedented way. We already did this through MOMENTUM, NLC’s first investment fund, which was closed at the beginning of this year. As its successor, the NLC Stepping Stone Fund is looking for investors who want to: (1) make impact, (2) seek high financial returns; and (3)
access a diversified portfolio of promising early-stage healthtech start-ups.

NLC’s Stepping Stone Fund reduces the risk for the investor (diversification in >40 ventures) and increases the impact at the same time. All based on the ‘negligible costs’ principle, i.e. no carry and only a 1% management fee. Minimum ticket size is €250.000.

For those who are interested to receive more information about this new NLC fund, please contact Ruben Mikkers at or Lars Olthof at

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