4 NLC Ventures shortlisted for 2020 Academic Startup Competition

Out of a total of 20 ventures that have been shortlisted for the 2020 Academic Startup Competition, no less than 4 are ventures from NLC’s portfolio. 

NCBiomatrix, Kaminari Medical, MLA Diagnostics and Venous Stent  have all been selected to compete to become ‘Best academic start-up in the Netherlands’; the winner will be announced on 20 january 2021

The Academic Startup Competition, now being organised a second time, is a joint initiative of  AcTI, Techleap and VSNU. The aim of the competition is to raise the visibility of ground-breaking innovations being developed at Dutch universities.  AcTI, Techleap and the universities are combining forces in this initiative to develop an academic startup ecosystem which is as strong as possible, allowing outstanding Dutch scientific knowledge to be harnessed to create new products and services, in order to generate the strongest possible impact that science can have on society. 

NLC is also dedicated to advance health by building ventures. Working via the principal of Entrepreneurship at Scale, we ensure our inventions – whilst maintaining the focus a startup needs – have a much bigger chance of coming to fruition because of the learnings and economies of scale we have incorporated in our years of experience in building ventures. Every day, our team is trying to bring science to life that has the potential to change patients’ life around the world. We are excited that these four ventures are recognised for their potential to do just that.

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