Unleash the potential of healthtech innovation. Together.

Ever since the Covid-19 crisis started, NLC has adopted the strategy “prepare for the worst, prepare for the best”. Now, six months later, we are focussing on the latter. Every month, we create new, life impacting ventures. Our existing portfolio continues to make progress, enabled by our fast growing network of which you are a part.

As you can read in the reflection paper NLC co-wrote with MedTech Europe – the European trade association representing the medical technology industries – Europe has an outstanding innovative landscape, with a great potential to advance health by bringing more inventions to patients around the world. One way to fully realise this potential, is by bringing a diverse set of stakeholders together and combine wide sets of expertise. This is exactly what NLC has been doing, and we are very proud to be able to lead the way in this best practice in Europe.

This last quarter also marked a first for NLC; our venture Retinacheck has been sold to a strategic industry player – our first full exit. But more importantly, millions of diabetes patients will benefit from this innovation, greatly improving their quality of life.

Let’s keep building and supporting ventures together. To advance health. And to contribute to the growth of our health welfare. Yes, we can!

Enjoy reading this NLC news update

Bert-Arjan Millenaar
Founder & CEO NLC

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