Aetherus signed a contract with an American partner that will be responsible for FDA approval and marketing & sales in North America. The team is ongoing discussions with NOM for an investment, and with UMC Groningen for performing the clinical studies to prove efficacy and healthcare economics for the device. The teams plans to be in the market in 2022.

About Aetherus
Using a new approach, with a customer-centric method to determine the biggest pains suffered by COPD patients, Philips Respironics developed VitaBreath. It is a handheld bilevel continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device that provides relief from activity-related shortness of breath with a drug free therapy. It overcomes the problem of dynamic hyperinflation by providing an assistive pressure on inhalation, and maintaining the airways opened on exhalation. This improves patients’ quality of life, increases their confidence in their social lives and provides faster relief with more exercise opportunities. Learn more

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