NICO.LAB reaches major milestone

One of the first ventures NLC built (in 2015) has grown wings to fly. Recently NICO.LAB announced a major milestone: the closing of a whopping A$13M (€8.4M) pre-IPO round!

After 5 years of tireless work, moving forward on that typical entrepreneurial journey with its ups and downs, massive efforts have resulted in this big success on the Australian continent. Great to see the appreciation by Australian investors who thoroughly believe in NICO.LAB’S potential and are willing and able to support the venture for years to come! NLC’s participation in NICO.LAB is estimated to be worth €12M.

Big compliments to the NICO.LAB team! 

Computational support can almost instantly provide the required information to assist in treatment decisions. More advanced and faster decision making substantially improves the quality of life of stroke patients. Nico-lab has developed a portfolio of 6 algorithms that automatically analyse and quantify radiological images of acute stroke patients. By using Nico-lab’s tools physicians can interpret medical scans in a fast and objective way allowing them to assess stroke severity objectively and make quick, calculated decisions on treatments and monitoring. Learn more

Meet the team:


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