NLC successfully closes €20 million equity financing round to further strengthen and scale its venture building model

Amsterdam, Friday 23 April 2021 – NLC is proud to announce that its latest funding round is successfully closed. Investments come from family offices across Europe, underlining NLC’s ambitions to become a true PAN European player.

NLC’s CEO and founder Bert-Arjan Millenaar is very pleased with reaching this milestone, but also remains cautiously aware of the complexity of the ecosystem NLC finds itself operating in. “NLC is on a mission to bring as many healthtech inventions to the patient as possible. This closing means we can build dozens of new ventures, bringing significantly more health technologies to the market, ultimately impacting the lives of many more patients. That’s what NLC is all about”.

Appetite for early stage investments
“However we collectively must repair a European eco-system in which the crucial value chain seems to be broken. An ecosystem that, if properly working, would concentrate all its efforts on bringing health related technology to patients”.

The reality shows that 95% of all healthtech inventions never reach the market. Part of the problem is the investor climate within Europe, of which the flaws typically show itself in early stage investing. Compared to Anglo Saxon countries the appetite for early stage investment in Europe is significantly lower.

This investment shows trust in NLC’s efforts to bridge the gap. NLC will create a Special Purpose Vehicle which will facilitate further growth of NLC’s ventures by providing capital, talent and buying-out NLC’s stake in the ventures. This model allows for earlier exits from a NLC perspective, bringing our ambition of becoming more scalable and self-sustaining another step closer to becoming a reality.  

About NLC – Build ventures. Advance health.
Since its founding in 2015, NLC has built a portfolio of over 60 healthtech ventures, making it the largest HealthTech venture builder in Europe. The unique NLC approach ‘entrepreneurship at scale’ – allows NLC to find inventions, and create and support ventures that have a life changing impact on patients around the world. Led by winning teams, together with a dedicated network and driven by data and learnings, NLC builds more ventures every year.

For more information, visit or reach out to Bert-Arjan Millenaar:

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