OsteoWeld received grant from Innovate UK

OsteoWeld received a GBP500k grant from Innovate UK. The submission was prepared together with the University of Birmingham, which will collaborate with OsteoWeld to bring its exciting orthopaedic technology to market.
The grant will be used to further develop the revolutionary technology that allows for orthopaedic implants to be welded inside the body. This reduces the severity of the operation required, improving the outcomes for patients, and improving the operation speed and -freedom for surgeons.

About Osteoweld
Bonutti Technologies has come up with OsteoWeld, an ultrasonic welding system that uses high frequency vibratory energy to intracorporeally weld polymer-based screws and other fixtures quickly and safely to bone or metal implants. OsteoWeld’s ultrasonically weldable nails and tacks allow for nearly infinite fixation locations as well as reduced procedure time and x-ray exposure. The welding hand piece is a simple handheld device that uses a feedback algorithm to signal when welding is complete. The solution can be used on its own to fix commonly used plates and rods or in combination with another Bonutti product, Transet, for fixation of complicated fractures using a combined anchor and repositioning clamp solution. Learn more

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