Bilihome successfully closes an investment round for smart, wearable light therapy for newborns with jaundice


Bilihome successfully closes an investment round for smart, wearable light therapy for newborns with jaundice

Margret Huenerbein,,

Nijkerk, the Netherlands Monday 24 January 2022 – Bilihome is proud to announce its new funding round has successfully closed. Investments from Health Innovations and Oost NL aim to support the market launch of a smart, wearable light therapy device for jaundice, a condition that affects 10% of all newborns.

Bilihome the MedTech company for newborns, established in Gelderland, the Netherlands, announces the closing of an investment round with Health Innovations and Oost NL. This investment enables Bilihome a de-risked development process and a timely market introduction. It validates the value of Bilihome’s solution and strengthens the trust in the team. With this financing, both Health Innovations and Oost NL join the current shareholders: NLC, LedSkin and Anyango HealthDisrupt.

Rick Wielens, inventor of Bilihome and father of twins experienced firsthand the heartbreaking reality of newborn jaundice. Immediately after his son Thijs was born, he was separated from his parents and taken to an incubator. To prevent the possibility of non- reversible brain damage, Thijs required blue-light phototherapy. Rick was unable to hold his son for the first week of his precious life. Bilihome steps in, transforming this intrusive clinical care into comforting natural care for newborns with jaundice, by developing smart wearable light therapy, which can be worn like a regular romper. Over the last two years, the Bilihome team diligently worked on their mission to transform parent-child separation into zero separation. The miniaturized light therapy system allows the parents to care for the baby naturally – breastfeeding, kangarooing and carrying to soothe the baby- and provides the opportunity to bring the baby home sooner.

“Driven by meaningful innovation, we tried to differentiate ourselves from pure technology solutions at the beginning by involving parents and professionals in the concept development. We wanted to make sure we develop the right solution- for the best experience, flawlessly. Listening carefully, helped us to carve out nuances, which will make Bilihome different and useful in the care delivery and the care logistics.” Said Margret Huenerbein, CEO of Bilihome.

“I was first made aware of Bilihome during a pitch event earlier in 2020 and have followed the company since. Being a parent myself, I saw the value for both the parents and the child in having the newborn jaundice treatment less invasive. Also, it soon became obvious that this solution seamlessly matches our investment objectives. It does not only improve the quality of neonatal care in hospitals, but also brings an opportunity to provide phototherapy for newborns in the home situation- possibly reducing expensive hospital days.” Commented Yvonne Sijm, Venture Capital Associate at Health Innovations.

“In order to keep healthcare accessible and sustainable for a growing and ageing population, it is important to invest in smart solutions that make care routines more easy, whilst keeping the most optimal patient journey and outcome in mind. That is exactly why Bilihome’s wearable technology appealed to us. It is a pragmatic solution that makes newborn jaundice treatment less of a hassle for the caregiver and allows parents to keep their newborn close during treatment. It is clear to me that this solution has been created with great care and attention for the different needs and wishes of all parties involved.” Said Bram ten Bok, Investment Manager Health at Oost NL.

About Bilihome

Bilihome is delivering a new approach to jaundice care for newborns- transforming the way healthcare providers use MedTech technology to enable parents to practice natural newborn care despite the treatment of jaundice. Bilihome was awarded the Best of the Best Red Dot Award 2020; out of 4000 participants, Bilihome was selected as the top 1% Best of the Best Concept Designs. In addition, Bilihome was the winner of the Rabobank Sustainable Innovation Award in the Health Care Sector (also known as Herman Wijffels Innovation Award). This award stands for entrepreneurship with innovative solutions that really matter.

( Rabobank Award, Red Dot: Best of the Best)

About Health Innovations

Health Innovations invests in startups that make healthcare better without increasing the costs. The focus is on digital health, medical technology and health services. A positive impact on patients is central to the approach. Health Innovations invests in the seed and growth stage, and the investment must contribute to value creation for healthcare, the entrepreneurs, and the shareholders. We play an active role as a shareholder by deploying our knowledge, experience, and network. Health Innovations has made over 30 investments out of three consecutive funds in Dutch Healthcare startups. Among our investors are Health Insurance companies, banks, distributors in healthcare and the Dutch Ministry of Healthcare.

About Oost NL

Oost NL (East Netherlands Development Agency) is an agency that focuses its activities and projects on strengthening and stimulating the economy of the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, the Netherlands. With their investments, they support starting and growth-phase SMEs. They do this partly with risk capital from various revolving innovation funds, and partly through their knowledge, networks and personal contacts. Through the revolving funds, they provide for direct as well as indirect investment and take care of the fund management. In addition, they stimulate and support public and private investors. The result: growth through financing.


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