IPD secures funding of €1.5 million to develop its first-in-human prototype for prosthetic joint infections

IPD bv (Implant Preservation Devices), a Dutch-based startup specialising in the treatment of prosthetic joint infections, raised €1.5 million of dilutive and non-dilutive financing in 2021, contributing to the development of its first-in-human prototype for a clinical trial set to commence in 2022.

Founded in December 2020 by NLC- The European Healthtech Venture Builder and Leiden University Medical Center, IPD is located in PLNT business centre in Leiden, the Netherlands. IPD is developing a medical device using non-contact induction heating technology to treat Prosthetic Joint Infections. By using induction technology, the impant is heated while still inside the patient- eliminating bacteria on the implant and ultimately curing the infection. Prosthetic joint infection is a devastating and life threatening complication, with over 100 000 patients worldwide. Laboratory studies show a significant positive impact on the treatment of these infections. With a highly experienced team alongside our innovators, Professor Doctor R. Nelissen and Doctor B. Pijls, IPD aims at a multicentre study in 2023 and market introduction in late 2024.

Fundraising for 2023 will start in quarter 2 of 2022.

Implant Preservation Devices bv
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2312NV Leiden
The Netherlands


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