Hemeo raises €675,000 in an oversubscribed seed equity round

Hemeo announces the successful closure of its first equity finance round. Raising €675,000, it has been substantially oversubscribed, highlighting the strong interest raised by the potential of the Hemeo technology designed to revolutionise coagulation with data.

We are honoured by the combination and multiplicity of (international) investors who support Hemeo. The funds will be used to complete the development, regulatory approval and launch of our first application providing clinicians a real time interactive tool to manage bleeding and transfusions according to clinical guidelines. Equally important, the application will serve as a springboard for the development and validation of our AI technology allowing predictive modelling and personalised treatments.

There are more than 5 million patients affected by serious bleeding or thrombosis annually in Europe and the US. Serious bleeding and thrombosis leads to high mortality and morbidity rates. Hemeo was founded in 2019 with AI technology based upon 15 years of research at Philips. The algorithms and coagulation model loaded with patient data, build a digital coagulation twin for each patient. Based on this digital twin, clinicians can predict risks of bleeding and thrombosis and provide early and personalized treatments for the patients. Hemeo is building a portfolio of software solutions dedicated to assisting clinicians with life-saving decisions and also offers its AI-powered model to support and accelerate the research of medical devices and drugs.

Hemeo Coagulation model is based upon more than 100 parameters. Visit our online demo. Click on “Request Access” below the video to obtain a password and make your own simulations.

For more information, please visit the Hemeo website or contact r.corlin@hemeo.health

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