Bright times ahead for SuperSeton


May 2022

For the second year in a row, SuperSeton has been selected as one of 29 initiatives to join
the EITHealth BridgeHead Global programme. This initiative was established to help bring
the best of European healthcare innovations to other parts of the world.

An expert panel rigorously evaluates every selection for the Bridgehead programme,
which examines the innovativeness of the solution, the business model, current uptake in
the home market and the preparedness of the company to make inroads in other markets.
With robust sales and an innovative product enthusiastically embraced by our existing
markets, SuperSeton is again ready to go Global, this time expanding into some of the
world’s largest markets. Watch this space!

After the last couple of years, who isn’t looking for a smooth and knotless solution? As
hospitals are finally able to attend to non-Covid-related treatments like fistulas again, we’d
say that things are looking bright. Yellow even.

About SuperSeton

SuperSeton is a Dutch innovation springing from the Amsterdam University Medical Center.
Knotless and smooth, SuperSeton offers a simple and secure solution that prevents
unnecessary irritation and discomfort for patients with fistulae. In fact, it is significantly
increasing their mobility and quality of life. While the clever design offers numerous
benefits, it still fits seamlessly with established practice. SuperSeton truly makes treating
patients quicker, easier and more efficient.

About EIT Health Bridgehead

For more information:
Ernst Elhorst, CEO

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