NLC Collaborates with FFUND and ttopstart to accelerate growth of healthtech ventures

AUGUST 22, 2022

NLC – The European Healthtech Venture Builder, FFUND and ttopstart partner to accelerate the growth of life-saving healthcare ventures

NLC searches the globe for the most promising healthtech innovations and nurtures them into viable healthtech ventures to advance health. As part of the venture lifecycle, carefully selected CEOs need to complete NLC’s Kickstarter Program: a 100-day program designed to give the chosen ventures the necessary support and tools to navigate and thrive in the healthcare ecosystem on their own, thus maximizing their chance of success. The first € 100,000 of funding is provided by the Stepping Stone Fund, which is managed by NLC Fund Management.

NLC asked FFUND and ttopstart to enter into a strategic partnership with them to support CEOs of Dutch ventures with their strategic business and financial expertise during this crucial phase of venture development. In close cooperation, the CEO of the venture, NLC, FFUND and ttopstart develop and position the business and financial plan for further fundraising.

Judith Smith, CEO of FFUND: “We are proud to enter into this strategic partnership with NLC and ttopstart, and are greatly looking forward to supporting the CEOs of promising new healthcare ventures with our expertise in the life sciences sector. Together with NLC’s motivated team of experts, we have the shared ambition to bring more meaningful healthtech innovations to society. This partnership is the starting point of an ecosystem that is being created to further the life sciences sector and the innovation climate in the Netherlands.”

The strategic partnership between NLC, FFUND, and ttopstart is designed to ensure optimal support for the CEO’s of Dutch ventures and maximize the chances of success. The ventures receive a structured strategic business and financial plan, ultimately enabling the technology to reach the patient quicker.

Sietske Zagers, Managing Director of ttopstart: “Success in Pharma, BioTech, or MedTech requires a business strategy that can break through the many market hurdles. Our driver for this partnership with NLC and FFUND is to contribute to the transformation of healthcare and life sciences by accelerating the introduction of impactful innovations for a wide range of diseases with unmet medical needs. We support healthtech ventures in bringing ideas to the patient by developing smart strategies and help them become funding ready, attracting funding and realizing their goals during and beyond the set projects.”

In the future, NLC, FFUND, and ttopstart aim to strengthen their collaboration through network knowledge sharing and deepening their connection with like-minded companies.

About NLC – The European Healthtech Venture Builder
Rooted in the Netherlands, NLC – The European Healthtech Venture Builder has successfully founded over 80 healthtech start-ups since 2015. Our unique NLC approach – ‘entrepreneurship at scale’ – allows us to find early-stage research, nurture the technologies, and support ventures that have a life-changing impact on patients. or find us on LinkedIn

FFUND was founded by a small group of experienced life sciences entrepreneurs and business experts with a shared vision to leverage their knowledge to accelerate the translation of innovation in the life sciences sector. Today, the FFUND team combines a strong knowledge base of experienced entrepreneurs and a team of 20+ consultants to increase the number of successful exits and products on the market. FFUND specializes in supporting start-ups as they head towards successful exits in four domains: Therapeutics, MedTech, Diagnostics, and Digital Health. Being healthtech experts, FFUND has supported over 280 parties in designing and securing a smart financing mix from start to end, including European non-dilutive funding, equity financing, and Merger & Acquisition support.

About ttopstart
ttopstart BV is a European consulting firm that supports leading researchers and innovative companies in the field of life sciences and health in more than 20 countries. Our consultants have a business and strategic mindset, which they use to bring the most innovative ideas to reality in a context of informed decision making. With a detailed understanding of the challenges facing life science innovations, the team helps to find new ways to realize meaningful impact.
ttopstart is a fully owned subsidiary of PNO Group, one of Europe’s leading funding consultancies. Its structurally high success rates, which are well above the European average, are brought about year after year by 400+ experienced domain experts and specialists in areas such as corporate finance, tax, compliance, and legal, along with consolidated experience in funding for cutting-edge research and development, co-creation of corporate strategies, and conducting detailed market assessments.

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