September 8, 2022

AIDO, an NLC venture, has made it its mission to bring more control to physicians performing endoscopic procedures and lower the threshold to expand complex interventions. 

A physician may routinely perform 5 to 10 endoscopic procedures every day. The procedure involves the insertion of the endoscope, a long, flexible tube, down the patient’s throat, into the oesophagus. A small camera at the end of the endoscope allows the physician to examine the oesophagus, stomach and beginning of the small intestine. 

Endoscopies are a significant invasion of the body for many patients, and current technology increases physician and patient discomfort. This process was initially designed to aid the diagnosis of various conditions of the gastrointestinal tract. Over the years, endoscopy developed into an interventional discipline, adding to the required skillset of a physician to manoeuvre the endoscope while inserting instruments through its working channel. 

Physicians experience several challenges, such as vision loss of the target, poor precision control, and workflow disruption, resulting in frustration and exhaustion of their cognitive resources. That is why Dr Lee Swanstrom, a leading endoscopy physician, and the innovation team from IHU Strasbourg came up with the idea and design of AIDO. This product is the first of its kind on a worldwide market.

AIDO’s drive unit design can be integrated with any flexible endoscope and simplifies the control of devices and instruments inserted through its working channel. This allows physicians to focus on further technical performance, team leadership, and patient safety. This technology also enables novice endoscopists to learn how to perform interventional procedures faster, and facilitates the opportunity for experts to push the boundaries of new techniques. 

Dr Helena Grinberg, CEO of AIDO: “The complexity of flexible endoscopy procedures is increasing, which leads to difficulties in managing the tools for such delicate procedures. AIDO’s ergonomic design is the first product on the endoscopy market that optimises usability and comfort. The concept of our technology platform also allows for the future development of additional functions and meeting market needs”

Having over 15 years of experience in the life-science industry focusing on medical devices, Dr Grinberg is confident that this device will succeed on the market. Endoscopic technology was initially invented as a diagnostic tool  and was only later developed into a therapeutic tool. As a result, the design of current flexible endoscopes can be a limiting factor in expanding the growing market of interventional endoscopy beyond expert centres. AIDO’s solution is a much-needed addition to the tools of both expert and novice endoscopists wanting to perform interventional procedures. 

The AIDO team has conducted extensive usability research with more than 60 key opinion leaders and novice endoscopists. All endorsed AIDO’s concept and novel design, confirming that it simplified and decreased the procedure time, provided better control during interventional procedures and improved user experience, ultimately increasing patient safety. 


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