January 30, 2023

NLC is proud to announce their first Impact Report

Regardless of their importance or creativity, 95% of all healthtech innovations never make it to market. With increasing demands on healthcare, rising expenses, and a growing lack of health personnel, the world’s healthcare systems have reached a critical point.

Many of the challenges surrounding the health sector today may be solved through innovation. NLC believes that innovation is critical to solving contemporary healthcare difficulties. We discover inventions, select the most promising ones, and develop them into viable healthtech ventures to improve the health of those who need it the most.

Bert-Arjan Millenaar, CEO, NLC, “We are very excited to finally be able to show the impact that we are having on patients, the workforce, society, and the planet. However, this is just the start, together with our partners, we will increase our impact rapidly in the years to come.”

NLC presents the 2022 Impact Report, which highlights what we and our portfolio companies have done to make healthcare more accessible, inclusive, and sustainable. We have developed 107 ventures, 22 of which will be completed in 2022, with 70% of the ventures having a positive influence on the healthcare workforce. Over 120.000 patients have benefited from our ventures, and we are creating the first ventures to solve the waste problem produced by the healthcare business.

As our ecosystem grows, our impact is set to increase rapidly. Impact is also about making sure that impactful inventions make it to the patient. In 2023, NLC will create more impactful ventures across more health professions and geographies by aiming for a more heterogeneous pool of entrepreneurs, in the belief that diversity drives innovation. We will significantly increase our impact on the healthcare system as our portfolio and ecosystem develop and mature. By 2030, our existing portfolio of 82 ventures will have improved the lives of 500 million patients while also making healthcare more accessible, inclusive, and sustainable.



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Anne Reijns
Marketing & Communications Lead


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