February 28, 2023

Ansana, an NLC venture, is on a mission to develop and launch a cutting-edge system for observing and confirming proper sterilization of pharmaceutical and medical equipment.


Across the globe, Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) range from 5% to 12% due to surgical instrument reprocessing. In the US and Europe alone, 6 million patients are affected yearly with HAIs resulting in an annual healthcare cost of $6,5 billion in the US and €7 billion  in Europe. 

The national healthcare carbon footprint accounts for 5% to 8% of the total footprint, depending on the development level, where only in the US, 115 million kg plastic waste is generated every year because of consumables in sterilization processes. Stricter infection control and medical safety regulations, combined with more complex surgical instruments, increase resource requirements significantly.

Operational planning and guaranteeing full traceability is a labour intensive process, subject to human error. The multitude of different sterilization procedures is very complex and subject to human error. Hospitals have to carry high inventory of surgical instruments in order to guarantee service levels to the OR. Identifying specialized workforce for healthcare is globally increasingly challenging. This huge amount of procedures comes with many challenges from a patient risk, ecological and resource requirement perspective.

Asana’s unique and patented smart sterilization container reduces risks for HAIs on patients, eliminates plastic consumables and ecological footprint, while reducing total cost of ownership for hospitals. The innovative sterilization container enables environmental monitoring and measurement of critical process parameters within the container via an electronic sensor module. This practically eliminates risk for process issues and makes the technology very suited for the increasingly complex instruments, such as endoscopes.

Dominique Surinx, CEO, Asana: ‘‘Ansana provides a unique system solution monitoring conditions in every step of the instrument reprocessing flow. Thus guaranteeing instrument sterility in the operating room, while providing full and real-time traceability.’’

Dominique combines 20 years of pharma experience in senior global positions, with  successful entrepreneurial experience in renewable energy. He is committed to making a difference in patient safety and having an impact on the global ecology. 

Ansana is developing and marketing an innovative sterilization technology for the healthcare & pharmaceutical industry. It concerns an intelligent sterilization container, measuring critical process parameters in-line, guaranteeing sterility and traceability in the medical devices and pharmaceutical product flows

Currently,  the patents are granted patents in the US, Canada, Europe, China, Japan and Australia.  The prototype of this technology has been developed by Stryker Corporation. Asana is further  developing the technology based on a broader product-market fit and CE certification / FDA clearance by Q1 2025.


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