February 27, 2023

Carebed, an innovative bed that will increase a patient’s quality of life and reduce healthcare costs.

Being dependent on another person to do this has a strong effect on your well being and self esteem. Some 20% rising up to 60% of the elderly have trouble getting in and out of bed. Currently, patient transfers are effectuated by means of a mechanical hoist, a transfer board, or the patient is physically assisted by caregiver(s). These methods are time-consuming, cause a physical burden on the caregiver, and require trained and qualified staff assistance.

CareBed helps patients in hospitals or people that prefer to receive home care, by means of creating the world’s first full vertical transfer sleep-to-stand electric bed. It will be the only transfer device that enables a full vertical transfer, this implies less dependence on muscle use which is important for the elderly who are affected with sarcopenia (muscle loss). The bed is adjustable to any height and position. The fold-away functionality creates a more pleasant atmosphere in the patient’s environment focusing more on normal domestic circumstances and healthy sleep patterns. This is especially relevant for those companies designing nursing homes and other care environments.

Marc-Derek Schönberger, CEO of CareBed: “The vision is to create a new type of bed that both increases autonomy and reduces care’’.

With the new technology of CareBed, the patient is set in a straight-up position with the centre of gravity aligned in the vertical plane.  Which will give patients their independence back. Patients will feel increased well-being from being more autonomous and avoiding more cumbersome devices like a patient lifting hoist.

Healthcare workers will have a more ergonomically safe and less timely method of patient transfer and hospitals and nursing homes will enjoy the benefit of cost reduction since the solution will be faster than a conventional hoist and does not require the assistance of a registered nurse. 

Currently, the technology is awaiting tests for mass production. Following the test results in care homes, the aim is to test and finetune our solution in a clinical nursing home setting.


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