March 6, 2023

HEAT2MOVE, an NLC venture, sets out to provide a home care chronic pain relief option that is based on blue light therapy and potentially more effective than current pain relief solutions on the market.

About 20% of the world’s population is affected by various degrees of chronic back pain. The total market for back pain treatment is estimated at over €50 billion with current treatment options mainly consisting of medications, like paracetamol and ibuprofen. 

With Heat2Move, therapists and patients will have access to an innovative solution treating back pains, that is non-medical and non-invasive. The BlueTouch technology was originally designed by Phillips and is a solution that is drug free and actually stimulates blood flow and muscle repair.

Marc-Derek Schönberger, CEO of Heat2Move: “The wireless BlueTouch technology offers a highly promising and new method for pain relief, with potentially break-through clinical benefits”.

Marc-Derek Schönberger is a CEO and entrepreneur with years of experience in company growth, strategy and positioning and a keen interest in the health tech industry.

When the new solution will come to market, therapists and patients alike will have access to an innovative solution to treating back pains.  There is a high unmet need for safe and effective pain treatments options that allow patients to be treated in their home. Rather than using drugs to suppress pain or heat patches, the Blue touch device helps the muscles in the treated area to relax and stimulates blood flow and muscle repair. Heat2Move aims to prove that the patent protected solution has an effectiveness unmatched by any competing solution.

Currently, BlueTouchʼs innovative therapy is expected to demonstrate its effectiveness in a clinical trial starting soon (currently TRL 5). 


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