Following the successful initial close of our flagship NLC Health Impact Fund, NLC is proudly featured in the news. Business and financial news outlets stress the significance of the funds raised from private investors against the current turbulent market conditions.

MtSprout (in Dutch) reports on the key points of this milestone, comparing it with previous NLC funds.

Het Financieele Dagblad (in Dutch) highlights, among others, the lack of early-stage capital availability in Europe as investors tend to opt for more mature ventures, yet shares promising news for the next fundraising round.

European Biotechnology (in English) provides relevant stats on medical and biotech patent applications along with examples of partnerships NLC has forged.

Impact Investor (in English) also sheds light on the origins of NLC in 2015 along with the progress of our operations and achievements to date as well as why our Founder and CEO, Bert-Arjan Millenaar, chose to build healthcare innovation-focused ventures.

Sifted (in English) gives a brief overview of NLC’s modus operandi from scouting of innovations to business exit and stresses the huge amount of healthtech inventions that never reach the market.

Silicon Canals (in English) highlights NLC’s viable venture building model and the support seen by the industry players.

This close of the Health Impact Fund will drive initial and follow-on investments in 40 high-impact healthtech ventures, expanding NLC’s positive impact on patient care. Upon the final closing, the NLC Health Impact Fund aims to provide financing to a portfolio of a total of 80-90 ventures in the fields of medtech, biotech, green health and digital health.

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