Introducing Amotio: Revolutionising orthopaedic revision surgery: An innovative approach to major joint implant revisions


Amsterdam & Cardiff, 13 November 2023

Led by CEO Iestyn Foster, Amotio is on a mission to transform the way joint implant revision surgery is conducted. 

By 2030, an estimated 1.4 billion individuals will be the beneficiaries of hip, knee and shoulder implants. Unfortunately, approximately 7% of these implants require revisions and replacement resulting in a substantial burden for both patients and healthcare providers.

Amotio offers a new approach for improved implant revision surgery; their innovative solutions are designed to optimise patient outcomes by developing unique bone cement removal devices, integrated with advanced patient specific 3D surgical planning and printing technology. The aim is to set a new standard for excellence in cemented implant revision surgery.

 Iestyn Foster,  Amotio CEO: ‘Our commitment resonates globally as we strive to lead pioneering advances which elevate patient outcomes and alleviate the burdens of surgery enabling people to improve their mobility and quality of life following major joint revision surgery.’ 

In collaboration with a team of expert revision surgeons, Utrecht University Medical Centre and guided by NLC, the European Healthcare Venture Builder, Amotio has secured an exclusive licensing agreement to lead the product development and market entry. Now in its pre-seed funding phase, the company is seeking strategic investors. 

Amotio has targeted their early market launch strategy within the Netherlands and UK, followed by expansion into Germany and the Benelux countries. Further phases will unfold  in the regions of North America, Europe, APAC, and MEA.


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