NLC was named the Number 1 Most Active Early Stage Investor in Healthcare in Europe by Financial Times’ Sifted.

November, 2023, Amsterdam. 

Sifted, the Financial Times’ platform for innovation and start-ups, named NLC as the most active early-stage healthcare investor in Europe. The list mentions the top 50 early-stage investors, based on DealRoom data, and NLC has entered this year in first place with over 30 investments made in 2023. 

40% of the world’s healthcare innovation comes from Europe, but only 10% of early-stage capital is available to develop those inventions and bring them to the patient. NLCs mission is to bridge that gap. They not only support inventors in building their medtech, digital health, or biotech innovations into a venture, but they do this at scale.

This scale makes it possible for investors to invest in a portfolio of companies, instead of just one. One of the reasons why investors invest less in the early stage is the high risk associated with the long timeline from inception to the market, due to for example the regulatory and clinical pathway. With over 120 ventures built across Europe and the US, 4 captive funds, and an ecosystem with partners and experts spanning 2 continents, they are able to reduce that risk for investors and make the early stage investible again. 

Bert-Arjan Millenar, Founder and CEO of NLC, says: “Seeing that we are the most active early-stage investor in healthcare in Europe,  is a testament to our work over the last 8 years and shows that in an industry where  95% of innovation does not reach the patient, our model is able to make the early stage investible and bring science to life.” 

NLC is currently the world’s largest healthtech venture builder, with innovations coming from over 20 countries and ventures active in more than 10. They are currently fundraising for their latest €100M captive fund (Health Impact Fund), which is set to close in Q2 of 2024. Until the 15th of January 2024, they also have opened up an opportunity to invest in NLC directly, with investments starting at €1000. 

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