Ansana secures a €850,000 investment


Maastricht, December 2023

Ansana’s breakthrough sterilization technology attracts a €850,000 investment to transform patient safety and environmental impact.

Every year, Surgical Site Infection (SSI) affects roughly 3 million patients in Europe and the US. Studies show that nearly a quarter of these infections are caused by ineffective surgical instrument reprocessing. An additional problem is the huge amount of plastic waste that is generated during this process, over 115 million kilograms in the US alone.

Ansana is at the forefront of developing innovative sterilization technologies. Ansana’s intelligent and patented container digitizes and automates the sterilization workflow of surgical tools. The container not only reduces surgical site infections but also eliminates the need for consumables during the sterilization process. Additionally, the optimization of the flows reduces the requirement for large inventories and improves service to the operating rooms. Thus significantly reducing total cost of ownership for healthcare facilities.

Dominique Surinx, CEO at Ansana: “This successful closing of Ansana’s seed round within an exceptionally short time frame, is a crucial milestone for the company and for the team. It demonstrates the market confidence in Ansana’s solutions and value proposition. A clear support for our mission to improve patient lives around the globe.’’

With the recent closure of their latest investment round, Ansana has raised over €850,000 from a diverse group of investors like NLC Health Ventures, LIOF and Rabobank. “Ansana’s simplified and sustainable technology, together with strong management, gives a perfect fit for the Rabo Innovation Loan,” says the Rabobank Startup & Scale-up team.
The newly acquired funds will be allocated towards development of alpha-prototypes, forging initial hospital collaborations, obtaining ISO 13485 certification, progressing EU and US regulatory strategies and finalizing their Go-to-Market strategy.

About NLC Health Ventures
NLC Health Ventures is the leading European early-stage healthcare investor and the world’s largest venture builder in healthtech. Pain monitoring systems, ultrasound cancer detection, and light therapy for newborns—these are just some of the life-changing inventions that we have brought to those in need. With its growing team of more than 80 professionals, four captive funds, of which Stepping Stone has invested in Ansana, and over 110 portfolio ventures built across 11 European countries, we bring science to life and make the early-stage investible.

About LIOF
LIOF is the regional development organization of the province of Limburg (Netherlands) and strengthens the economic structure and growth of Limburg. LIOF supports innovative entrepreneurs with advice, network, and financing. The Limburg Startup Capital Fund (LCSF) is managed by LIOF and is a fund for startups and innovative SMEs that have the potential to contribute to the most important societal transitions in the coming years: energy, circularity, healthcare, and digitization. The LCSF supports with two financial instruments the development of innovation from idea to market.

About Rabobank
Rabobank is a cooperative bank with a mission. Rabobank embraces innovation, growth, and sustainability. And invest in joint solutions that benefit everyone: our clients, their neighbourhoods, and the world.

Rabo Innovatielening is a loan for innovative starters that are improving sustainability in the society or making it more digital. Especially in case there is not yet any cash flow or paying customers.

Dominique Surinx, CEO

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