Introducing Aerion Bioscience A new era of cancer screening


Amsterdam, 20/02/2024


Aerion Bioscience aims to revolutionize early lung cancer detection with a simple, non-invasive blood test, vastly improving survival outcomes in millions of high-risk individuals.


Lung cancer is the second most common form of cancer worldwide, with more than 2.2 million new cases reported in 2020. It is the most common form of cancer in men and the second most common form in women. The disease has a significant impact on global health, causing an estimated 1.8 million deaths in 2020. With a lack of reliable screening methods to detect lung cancer early in the general population, low-dose computed tomography (CT) screening is recommended only for older high-risk groups like heavy smokers. However, CT screening has not been widely adopted due to costs, radiation exposure risks, and false positive results that can lead to unnecessary procedures. A non-invasive biomarker test is critically needed to cost-effectively screen at-risk individuals before symptoms appear.
Three major challenges inhibit long-term survival: late diagnosis, few treatment advances for early-stage cancer, and disparity in cancer care both worldwide and within countries. Lung cancer is often diagnosed at advanced stages when treatment options are limited. This late diagnosis is a significant issue as it reduces the chances of successful treatment.

Current screening options grapple with substantial limitations, as low-dose CT scans exhibit high false positive rates of up to 25%, coupled with radiation risks. Chest X-rays lack the required accuracy for comprehensive screening, and existing blood tests such as Galleri and Nodify XL2 have proven either insufficiently sensitive for lung cancer, applicable only to certain cancer subtypes, or excessively costly. This scenario leaves doctors without effective tools for early lung cancer diagnosis, jeopardizing the optimal window for treatment. Patients are left with no recourse but to wait for symptoms, often leading to late-stage diagnoses.

In contrast, Aerion Bioscience’s solution fills this void, empowering doctors to screen patients during routine visits and facilitating early cancer detection. This proactive monitoring offers patients peace of mind regarding their cancer risk. By revolutionizing the early detection landscape, this breakthrough test holds the potential to transform global lung cancer management, promising significant improvements in outcomes for generations to come.

Dr. Axel Schumacher, CEO at Aerion Bioscience:

“Early detection is our most powerful weapon against lung cancer. By pioneering innovative screening technologies and ensuring accessible testing for all at risk, we can dramatically transform prognoses and save countless lives. The time for better detection is now.”

The long-standing goal of identifying solid cancers through a simple blood analysis takes a step forward, offering immediate treatment solutions during routine screening. The non-invasive method for early lung cancer detection, poised to complement or replace LDCT, reduces false positives and unnecessary costs. The multi-protein panel improves 5-year survival rates significantly and avoids painful biopsies and radiation risks for patients. Widespread screening, facilitated by swift and accurate diagnosis, lowers late-stage diagnoses, improving outcomes and reducing treatment costs from a healthcare system perspective. The 6-protein biomarker panel, machine learning, and validated efficacy set this test apart with strategic partnerships emphasizing global market access.

Aerion Bioscience revolutionizes lung cancer detection with a validated 6-protein biomarker panel. The venture is strategically expanding testing and refining screening for various stages. Rapid innovation aims for a high-volume, low-cost test, improving global accuracy. Collaboration with specialists enhances detection methods and redefines early lung cancer screening.

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