Your expertise and involvement are crucial for bringing health innovations to the patient. You understand healthcare problems very well and can look at technologies from many different angles that others don’t. By getting involved with NLC you have the opportunity to:


  • Engage and be part of a great network that translates medical inventions so they can be brought to the clinic
  • Get access to the latest innovations in the healthcare space
  • Create a bigger, lasting mark in your medical practice
  • Be recognized for being an innovator in your field
  • Participate in the ventures we build through several collaboration forms


Explore how you can extend the impact you create in your daily practice by reaching out to us.
Some collaboration forms you can expect are the following:


  • Join an expert panel. Meet 3-4 times per year to discuss the latest health technologies, trends, and unmet clinical needs in your medical specialty.
  • Participate in expert calls. Be available for 30-minute conversations to help us validate technologies.
  • Get involved in clinical trials. Have your department help us test our innovations in the real world.
  • Be part of a clinical board. Join one of our ventures and be part of it as it grows while taking an advisory role.
  • Partake in internships for young doctors-in-training. Be exposed to the field of translational medicine and see how we bring science to the patient!

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