Yes, definitely. We work mainly with projects from university research and know what is needed to bring early-stage research to the market if the IP is owned by the university. NLC can build a startup from an invention that is owned by a university, by the inventor themself, or by a corporation

We will find a team who understands the challenges ahead - hiring only when you fully trust their competencies and have a culture fit. Working with the entrepreneur, we will then start the startup building process. NLC ensures that the startup scales most beneficially by using our network and expertise to facilitate growth. Our finance team will support the startup to raise the money required, along with allocating money from our funds. Our specialised legal/business/technology support teams will help the startups on developing the idea on its way to the market.

NLC will take the lead in building the company together with you. NLC will find the most suitable team to tackle the challenges ahead, and in case you would like to have active involvement, we would be happy to have you on the team. We will support the best team for the challenge along the way, including finding the appropriate funding.

In order to successfully build your invention, NLC has standard deal terms that need to be accepted prior to the start of creation. The terms contain licensing royalties in the case you have applied for IP protection and shares in the company for the inventors. Given that NLC doesn’t profit until you do, initially, we will hold the majority share due to the risks involved.

Every participant who has been accepted to participate will benefit from our challenge -  you will meet other innovators, network with experts, and participate in workshops on impact, financing, pitch practice, and technology assessments. The purpose of NLC’s Green Health Challenge is to encourage people to think about solutions that can make healthcare less damaging to the environment and to turn these ideas into actions. We hope many of these ideas will be realised - not just the 10 that win!

During the challenge from September-December 2022, the time investment is more substantial, but it still can be combined with a full-time job.
Later, when the startup has been built, it will depend on you - your involvement is based on your preferences, availability, and the expertise of the other team members. The time investment can differ from a few hours per month in an advisory position to full-time employment at the startup. This way, you can focus as much on your research or work as you would like while the startup brings your invention to the market.

Since 2015 we have built more than 80 startups in the MedTech, Digital Health, and BioTech spaces.  We are a company with over 70 people from 20+ nationalities, with backgrounds in scientific research, academic institutions, healthtech corporations, consultancies, finance, startups, human resources, and more. Additionally, we have built a community of over 1000 professionals to support our team wherever needed.

With the help of our experienced and strongly connected venture finance team, our startups have raised €60 million in both dilutive and non-dilutive funding. Through the €10 million Stepping Stone Fund raised by NLC, every new startup is also eligible for a first €100.000, with the potential to provide follow-on investments up to an additional amount of up to €750.000 per startup. (Answer based on Q1 2022).

Our primary focus until now was on innovations solving a medical need. Although we believe that some of our startups support making healthcare more sustainable by increasing efficiency, we think it is necessary to broaden our focus and build startups with this as the primary focus. Let’s make healthcare go green!

We will protect your confidential information as if it were our own, and obviously, we are able to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This way, you can safely share your information with us.

Our team will review your submission and get back to you regarding our interest in your invention within 2-4 working days after your application - up until the deadline of September 15 2022

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