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Our Green Health Domain is working on developing ventures aimed at increasing sustainability in healthcare because we firmly believe that we must protect the planet to protect our health. While healthcare saves lives, it also leaves an environmental footprint. NLC acknowledges its role and is dedicated to change. With over 100 ventures, we’ve positively impacted patients but also contributed to industry pollution.

The Green Health team represents our commitment to discovering and implementing  groundbreaking solutions that enhance patient care while minimizing healthcare’s environmental impact, creating a happier planet. We aim to build startups focused on environmental sustainability. Join us in our mission to heal both patients and the planet, because safeguarding our environment is fundamental to ensuring the health and well-being of all.

The coming 4 months we are focussing on Sustainable Pharmacy. Did you know that 18% of healthcares footprint comes from the Pharmaceutical Industry?



Lets Collaborate

When you have a great idea, you don’t have to implement it all on your own. Do you have an ingenious idea that could revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry, making it more sustainable and environmentally friendly? We invite you to sign up for our campaign! Together, we can turn your idea into reality and drive positive change in the world of pharmaceuticals. Your involvement, your freedom: feel as engaged as you wish, maintaining focus on your academic pursuits while we nurture your invention.

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Pharmaceutical Pollution

For the coming months we will build ventures in the field of  Pharmaceutical pollution: we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Sustainable Pharmacy Campaign. With collaboration at its core, NLC is partnering with inventors to transform the best ideas into startups, all with the aim of building a more eco-conscious healthcare system.

Solutions can be found in many directions such as:

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: We’re dedicated to transforming the way pharmaceuticals are produced. By promoting eco-friendly manufacturing techniques, we aim to reduce the environmental footprint of the industry while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Environmentally-Conscious Packaging: Join us in exploring innovations such as reducing paper usage for patient information leaflets, crafting biodegradable or compostable packaging, and more. Sign up if you have an innovation that prioritises sustainability or minimise waste to protect both medicines and our planet.

Redistributing, Recycling, and Repurposing Medications: Global access to essential medications is a pressing concern. We’re on a mission to facilitate the redistribution, recycling, and repurposing of medications, ensuring that they reach those in need while minimising waste.

Pharmaceutical Waste Management: The responsible disposal of pharmaceutical waste is non-negotiable. Let’s collaborate to establish effective waste management practices that protect our environment and communities.

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At Green Health, we’re more than just a team; we’re a group of passionate individuals ready to roll up our sleeves and work alongside you. With deep expertise in medical devices and digital health, we’re eager to collaborate on new ideas and projects that can make a difference.
Don’t hesitate to reach out – let’s discuss how we can work together to create a greener, healthier future. Your ideas are our inspiration, and together, we can turn them into reality.

Thomas Stirrop

Private: Thomas Stirrop

Venture Developer

Thomas joined NLC in May 2022 as a venture developer. He is interested in the intersection between science & society and how ideas can be translated into measurable impact on patient health. Thomas has a background in Biotechnology (health and environmental) and life science business. He has worked previously as an innovation consultant, specialised in funding, and is excited to use these skills to help bring science to life at NLC.

Annabel van der Horst

Annabel van der Horst

Venture Developer

Annabel joined NLC in September 2023 as a Venture Developer at the MedTech department. She holds a bachelor and master in Nanobiology, both a joint degree from the Technical University of Delft and the Erasmus Medical Center. Annabel’s curiosity fuels her affinity with research. She published 3 articles in the field of neuroscience. Annabel also has a lot of affinity with healthcare and is interested in the multidisciplinary and technical background of new inventions that will have a significant impact on healthcare. Moreover, she is interested in the development of technologies to make healthcare more sustainable. She is determined to strengthen the venture development team to advance health.

Taco van der Feltz (1)

Taco van der Feltz

Venture Partner

Taco joined NLC in 2015 and is a highly international and networked entrepreneur trained as Medical Doctor and Medical Biologist. He is a visionary strategist conversant within and across disciplines. As Venture Partner, Taco focuses on building innovative companies and strengthening NLC’s abilities to bring innovations to healthcare.

Thomas Kousholt

Thomas Kousholt

Venture Partner

Thomas joined NLC in January 2023. He has a background in technology and is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience building tech companies across different areas including mobile, AI, ecommerce and medtech. Thomas brings full startup lifecycle experience of raising funding, building, scaling and exiting. His expertise extends bringing digital health products to an international market and growing early-stage startups into profitable businesses. Thomas is passionate about the potential of digital technology to meet the challenges of the future of healthcare.


Jikke de Jong

Lead Green Health Ventures

Joining NLC from its inception in 2015, Jikke has been serving several roles in the organisation. With an MSc in Science and Innovation Management, specializing in Life Sciences, her academic background spans technology, innovation, and sustainability, covering diverse areas from finance to drug development. Currently, Jikke oversees NLC's Green Health activities, spearheading efforts to reduce healthcare's environmental impact while enhancing patient care. Her role at NLC include sourcing leads, closing IP deals, building venture teams, and fostering lasting partnerships. Jikke is dedicated to crafting innovative solutions that benefit both patients and the planet.

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