The unsustainable rise in healthcare costs around the globe, currently estimated to be approximately USD 9 trillion annually and projected to increase to USD 24 trillion by 2040, represents a major challenge to global health. All levels of the healthcare ecosystem are facing unprecedented societal burdens, including a world population projected to grow to 8.5 billion by 2030.

This trend, in combination with a projected shortage of (healthcare) workers, is already today shown in an increasing gap between healthcare demand and supply. Contributing to an affordable and accessible healthcare sector, but also ensuring patients and caregivers can continue to participate in society, is an important part of the case of our ventures.

All of our ventures have a positive impact on society. Most of the ventures reduce the costs per patient due to a cheaper treatment but they also reduce costs due to less readmissions and the reduction of potential additional complications. Next to that, some of our ventures make sure the patient can get back to work earlier since the rehabilitation is faster, or less informal care is needed by, for example, parents or other informal caregivers.

One of our ventures, Nicolab, has a great added value for society. Due to this technology there is less FTE needed from care professionals since the number of hospital days and the number of transfers reduces. This reduces the costs per patient, and therefore the costs for society, tremendously.


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