Startup CEO – Novel Surgical Prosthetics Antimicrobial Coating

We are building a new venture, Implant Guard, a revolutionary project in prosthetic implant anti-bacterial coating technology.

Are you the driven entrepreneur who can build and lead this venture as the CEO?

The invention
With orthopaedic and trauma surgery prosthetic implants, bacterial biofilms can lead to repeated, costly surgical procedures beyond the initial implantation. Primary prevention of infection remains an unmet need. Existing implant coatings used to prevent infections (e.g., silver) are expensive and have limited efficacy or considerable toxicity.

This venture has developed a process to coat metal and polymer implants with safe and effective antimicrobials in a versatile and inexpensive manner using plasma nitriding. The coating process works with various antimicrobial peptides as well as with other antimicrobial substances. Three patents protect the nitriding technology for use on metal and polymer surfaces and on implants specifically.

You will be joining at an early stage, and your first task will be to identify the optimal commercial market to develop as a beachhead and to set up proof-of-concept animal studies.There are additional opportunities to explore, with cardiovascular implants being the second-largest implant market.

The position of CEO
The CEO will be responsible for developing and executing the overall business strategy, actively supported by NLC – The Healthtech Venture Builder and partnering with the inventor and other strategic partners.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop a comprehensive business plan and funding plan
  • Coordinate product development from animal studies into a clinical solution
  • Design and coordinate clinical trials
  • Engage relevant development and commercial partners
  • Discuss with regulatory authorities to gain clarity on requirements
  • Seek and secure dilutive funding supported by NLC’s Venture Finance Team
  • Anticipate market introduction according to market needs
  • Initiate a go-to-market and pricing strategy
  • Develop and lead the team

You are:

  • A highly motivated entrepreneur
  • Keen to make an impact on patients’ lives
  • Driven by a desire to achieve commercial success
  • Strongly networked and influential at all levels of seniority
  • An excellent communicator, negotiator, and presenter

Your track record includes:

  • CEO competencies and leadership track record
  • Existing relevant market knowledge
  • Strong networks with suppliers partners and KOLs

The opportunity
We offer the unique opportunity to an entrepreneur or executive with entrepreneurial ambition to come on board as a co-founder in a highly promising venture. The participation package includes:

  • Equity-based remuneration
  • Cash compensation tied to successful funding of the company
  • The opportunity to co-fund at a favourable valuation
  • Access to the expertise and network of the entire NLC ecosystem including the use of NLC Venture Services.Sparring and support from your Venture Partner and the dozens of CEO’s leading our other (50+) ventures.

Access to the expertise and network of the entire NLC ecosystem including the use of NLC Venture Services.

Sparring and support from your Venture Partner and the dozens of CEO’s leading our other 60+ ventures.

Last but not least: You will team up with a knowledgeable and motivated inventor and play a key role in bringing this project to market.

For more information, please contact Augusta Poteliunaite via

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