Startup CEO – Sleep Apnea Venture with a non-invasive solution

We’re building a venture that brings a small and light non-invasive solution to patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Are you the driven entrepreneur who’ll lead this venture as the CEO?

The invention
OSA affects 4% of the population. It causes severe fatigue during the day and is associated with high blood pressure, arrhythmia, stroke and heart failure. There is a medical need for non-invasive and effective treatment options because the current solutions are either invasive or uncomfortable to use and patient compliance is low. 

An inventor team with the French National Institutes of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), has developed a non-invasive and small device that detects, monitors and treats obstructive sleep apnea using kinesthetic stimulation. 75% of patients show an improvement in apneas or hypopneas using the device. The next step is to fine-tune the prototype and bring it to patients worldwide.

The position of CEO
CEO will be responsible for developing and executing the overall business strategy, actively supported by NLC The Healthtech Venture Builder and partnering with the inventor and other strategic partners. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Develop a comprehensive business plan and funding plan and initiate a go-to-market and pricing strategy.
  • Oversee product development and fine-tuning of final prototype incl. clinical trials, technical development and regulatory affairs by engaging with relevant development and commercial partners.
  • Obtain CE-marking and FDA approval and coordinate industrialization and commercialization of an attractive product solution incl. organizing high volume manufacturing, supply chain, commercial activities and distributions. 
  • Seek and secure dilutive funding supported by NLC’s Venture Finance Team.
  • Develop and lead the team.

CEO competencies and track record
You are highly motivated to make patient impact and have commercial success and are often described as:

  • Entrepreneurial.
  • A connector with strong networking and influencing ability at all levels of seniority.
  • Excellent communication skills, including presentation and negotiation skills.

Your track record includes: 

  • Product development and product launch experience of medical devices (class 2).   
  • Track record of industrializing and commercializing medical device solutions incl. overseeing CE-marking/FDA approval. 
  • Network in the area of sleep apnea/somnology/pneumology.
  • Ideally fundraising experience in non-dilutive and dilutive funding. 

The opportunity
We offer the unique opportunity to an entrepreneur or executive with entrepreneurial ambition to come on board as a partner (essentially co-founder) in a highly promising venture. The participation package includes:

  • Equity-based remuneration.
  • Cash compensation tied to successful funding of the company
  • The opportunity to Co-fund at a favorable valuation.
  • Access to the expertise and network of the entire NLC ecosystem including the use of NLC Venture Services.
  • Sparring and support from your Venture Partner and the dozens of CEO’s leading our other (50+) ventures.
  • Last but not least: You will play a key role in bringing an innovative idea to effectively treat sleep apnea to patients internationally. 

For more information, please contact Eva Demandt (Venture Teaming) via


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