What do we do

We create successful medical device ventures around groundbreaking science and engineering. We accelerate and increase the value of early stage projects by providing our expertise, initial capital and NLC’s supporting ecosystem. We are particularly strong in the fields of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal (orthopedic) diseases, but our focus is not limited to certain therapeutic areas, indications or technology types. Our ultimate aim is to deliver breakthrough treatment options to patients with high unmet needs.


Academia and Hospitals

The majority of our ventures start with inventions originating in academic institutions or in hospitals. We see thousands of projects each year, and select the most promising ones by evaluating their medical and commercial potential.

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How we collaborate with you

We partner with academia, clinicians, investors, numerous industry partners, as well as with individual inventors and experts, in order to identify the most promising technologies and nurture them into successful ventures within our Venture Building ecosystem and community.

Industry partners

We collaborate with small and large companies to jointly develop projects. Our network extends to large corporates like Philips, smaller specialized engineering companies, venture capital firms, service providers, and other venture builders. Through our established partnership model, we are able to provide industry-initiated projects with a nurturing ecosystem to enable or accelerate them, and ultimately bring promising technologies to the patients who need them.


We bring decades of combined expertise from academia, hospitals, corporates, startups, and venture capital. Together with our extensive expert community, we perform in depth due diligence, identify the most suitable setup and team for each technology we select, and support our ventures in their journey towards successful market entry.

Gina Melchner (2)

Gina Melchner

Venture Partner & Lead Medtech

Gina joined NLC in February 2020. As a Venture Partner, she works with a portfolio of Biotech and Medtech ventures. Gina also leads NLC’s Medtech Domain, ensuring we build impactful new Medtech ventures year after year. Gina holds a master’s in biotechnology from ETH Zurich and worked in management consulting as well as venture capital before joining NLC.

Taco van der Feltz (1)

Taco van der Feltz

Venture Partner

Taco joined NLC in 2015 and is a highly international and networked entrepreneur trained as Medical Doctor and Medical Biologist. He is a visionary strategist conversant within and across disciplines. As Venture Partner, Taco focuses on building innovative companies and strengthening NLC’s abilities to bring innovations to healthcare.


Ellis Aune

Venture Developer

Ellis joined NLC in September 2021 and sees health innovation as an inherently intersectional field. She joined NLC as a venture developer to combine her research, business, and policy interests to help translate health inventions into tangible solutions. Ellis has a background in chemical and biological engineering and research and holds a Master’s degree in medical biology and innovation management.

Willem Fontijn

Willem Fontijn

Technology Strategist

Willem joined NLC in August 2017. He is responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of NLC at an operational and strategic level, guarding the quality of inflow and driving supporting technologies. Willem holds a PhD from the Eindhoven University of Technology, is an IP expert, and has corporate and venturing experience. He is a principal scientist and prolific inventor at Philips Research turned serial entrepreneur.

DSC_3959_pp-2 (1)

Annameta Gericke

Venture Developer

Annameta joined NLC in April 2020. She is working as a Venture Developer, with the mission of creating a positive impact on patients’ lives. Having lived in Italy, UK, and the Netherlands, Annameta has developed an open and international outlook. She holds an MSc in Clinical Neuroscience from UCL and is part of the digital and Medtech domains. She enjoys new challenges and meeting driven inventors.

Pieter Wijffels (1)

Pieter Wijffels

Venture Partner

Pieter joined NLC in April 2020 as a Venture Partner. Before joining NLC, he spent 15 years at Philips, bringing innovation to life across the globe. He enjoys working in fast-paced environments and supporting initiatives that truly improve people’s lives.


Bender Ziegerink

Venture Developer

Bender joined NLC in January 2022 as a venture developer. He developed his passion for healthtech during his BSc in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Groningen. He also holds an MSc in Engineering and Policy Analysis from the Delft University of Technology. Bender is highly motivated to contribute to creating meaningful ventures with a positive impact all around the world.


Alessandro Radaelli

Venture Partner

Alessandro joined NLC in April 2022 and brings over 20 years of experience in the MedTech industry. His passion lies in translating clinical needs into meaningful solutions, building purpose-driven 'tribes' of early adopters and taking impactful innovations from idea to business realisation. He has lived in four European countries and has travelled to more than 20 countries with great curiosity for healthcare systems, and the local food culture.

Annabel van der Horst

Annabel van der Horst

Venture Developer

Annabel joined NLC in September 2023 as a Venture Developer at the MedTech department. She holds a bachelor and master in Nanobiology, both a joint degree from the Technical University of Delft and the Erasmus Medical Center. Annabel’s curiosity fuels her affinity with research. She published 3 articles in the field of neuroscience. Annabel also has a lot of affinity with healthcare and is interested in the multidisciplinary and technical background of new inventions that will have a significant impact on healthcare. Moreover, she is interested in the development of technologies to make healthcare more sustainable. She is determined to strengthen the venture development team to advance health.

Marta Scali

Marta Scali

Venture Developer

Marta joined NLC in January 2023. She holds a PhD in Biomechanical Engineering from TU Delft and she has R&D experience in medical device industry. Marta believes in teamwork and in achieving results together. She is eager to leverage her international experience and knowledge of both academic and corporate world to strengthen relationships with NLC’s partners and discover new medtech innovations that can make a positive impact on people’s life.

Niccolas Ibery_NLC

Nicholas Ibery

Partner UK & Venture Partner

Nick joined NLC in July 2022 from a London-based VC fund where he led European Life Sciences investments and was a Member of the Fund’s Investment Committee. Over the past ten years, he has backed several high-profile companies, including taking one from Series A to IPO in the USA. Nick started his career as a surgeon, specialising in neurosurgery. He holds medicine and law degrees, including a master’s degree in Surgical Technology from Imperial College London and an MBA from London Business School. Nick is eager to leverage his experience and knowledge to help NLC build ventures and advance health.

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