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Europe is at the forefront of health tech innovation, with some of the best universities and most inspiring corporates in the world. Early-stage venture capital is needed to provide the funds to transform this untapped innovation into something better: solutions that benefit patients across the globe.

Simultaneously, investors are seeking outstanding returns for their investments, but they are struggling to gain access to quality opportunities. Investing in individual start-ups is risky for two reasons: First of all, most investors cannot create a sizable portfolio that is large enough to diversify away the risk. Secondly, the due diligence on complicated healthtech technologies is difficult to do as an individual investor. Our captive funds solve these two challenges for investors. First of all, our captive funds provide investors instant diversification, which mitigates a lot of the downside risk whilst still reaping the up-side and return potential. Secondly, our captive funds allow investors to piggy-back on the sourcing, selection, due diligence and support system of NLC.

NLC has set up several investment funds to provide investors access to a diversified portfolio of impactful healthtech ventures with one single investment, allowing them to spread their risk over multiple investments at low transaction costs.

If you are interested in joining our mission by combining healthy financial returns with creating real impact, please get in touch to learn more about our fund propositions.

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NLC Health Impact Fund

The NLC Health Impact Fund is NLC’s newest flagship fund. With its target size of €100 million it will invest into a highly diversified portfolio of between 80-90 ventures. The fund will invest from the pre-seed stage when value creation and return potential are highest, with the potential to allocate up to €9m per company in follow-on financing for the most successful ventures up until Series A and Series B. In addition, €15 million will be immediately deployed in a pre-selected seed portfolio upon the closing of the fund. Thanks to this optimal risk-return distribution, the fund provides (institutional) investors access to healthcare innovations, carefully selected and vetted by the #1 healthtech venture builder in Europe. The NLC Health Impact Fund is SFDR-9 compliant and supports UN Sustainable Development Goals 3, 9, and 17.

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NLC Health Impact Fund’s Impact & ESG 2023

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Stepping Stone Fund

The Stepping Stone Fund was set up at the end of 2020 to invest in 40 promising new start-ups all built and supported by NLC. With a total fund size of €10.8M, the fund allows investors to be involved from the beginning by providing seed investments to companies when value creation and value potential are highest, with the possibility to follow the successful ventures through the fund’s three-tiered financing approach.

Stepping Stone Fund Portfolio

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Stepping Stone Fund’s Impact & ESG 2023

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Momentum was founded in early 2020 to provide seed capital to eleven life-changing ventures from the NLC portfolio. By the end of 2021, the fund was expanded (‘Momentum 1.1’) to provide follow-on financing to five of the ventures from the original portfolio as they have taken important de-risking steps in their development of bringing their solutions to the patient.

The Momentum fund is currently closed, and it is not possible to invest in this fund anymore at this stage.

Momentum Portfolio

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Momentum’s Impact & ESG 2023

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