Ciara Hennessy

Digital Health Strategist

Ciara joined NLC in January 2023 as part of the Technology Assessment and strategy team.In this role, she brought her previous experience as an NHS doctor, digital lead for a telehealth company and consulting to our feasibility analysis, quality control, IP evaluation, venture deal terms for MedTech, digital health and biotech leads. In June 2023, Ciara became the first hire into the digital health strategist role, using her unique perspective of the problems which exist in healthcare and focusing on bringing disruptive technologies forward to improve patients' experiences and outcomes in healthcare. Prior to NLC, Ciara spent 12 years as a medical doctor with international experience of working in 5 different healthcare systems. Ciara achieved her MBA with distinction from Alliance Manchester Business school to realign her problem-solving ability from patient focuses to the wider healthcare ecosystem. She is looking forward to leveraging this experience to support NLC's future growth plans.

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