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Innovation in trauma nailing systems has lagged behind orthopaedic device innovation for more than 20 years. Complex long bone fractures often result in malalignment of bones when using today’s nailing systems, causing adjacent knee, ankle and foot pain and loss of kinematic function. There is a need for a more forgiving and variable modular system to overcome post-procedural pain and associated joint problems.


In order to address this need Axial Orthopaedics Inc. will manufacture and distribute a new trauma technology —an intramedullary nailing system for long bone fracture repair— in collaboration with renowned orthopaedic surgeons in the US.


Axial Orthopaedics Inc. offer the surgeon a greater choice for bone fracture alignment and healing while providing patients relief of postoperative pain as well as significant reduction in post-operative complications. The benefit of the device lies in its intra-operative implant modularity and rotational capabilities for enhanced complex fracture fixation and improved procedural outcomes. Current technology available does not provide an intra-operative choice to control implant fit and anatomic considerations.


The Axial Orthopaedics Inc.  intramedullary nailing system solution is in the pre-development phase. A functioning prototype has been produced and IP has been filed via the Mayo clinic. A licensing agreement will be formed in order for Axial Orthopedics Inc. to commence proof of concept, design freeze, testing and FDA submission for clearance to market. Commercialization will then commence via an Alpha surgeon evaluation before full commercial launch.

Meet the team

Gina Melchner (2)

Gina Melchner

Venture Partner & Lead Medtech

Gina joined NLC in February 2020. As a Venture Partner, she works with a portfolio of Biotech and Medtech ventures. Gina also leads NLC’s Medtech Domain, ensuring we build impactful new Medtech ventures year after year. Gina holds a master’s in biotechnology from ETH Zurich and worked in management consulting as well as venture capital before joining NLC.


Craig Corrance

CEO Axial Orthopaedics Inc

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