Step 1: Before submitting your invention

We have specialised knowledge in a range of technologies and disease domains: biotech, MedTech, digital solutions and green technologies. For our initial assessment, we have the following criteria:

  • Is it more than just an idea?
  • Is your invention new?
  • Is there proof that your invention works?
  • Have you applied for any intellectual property protection?
  • Is your invention going to make a positive impact?
  • Is there enough market potential?

These questions are valuable not only for us but also for our future partners that join our endeavours such as the venture CEO, investors and exit partners.

Step 2: Submit your invention

When submitting your invention, please focus on the criteria mentioned above. Feel free to provide all relevant information such as publications, sketches or patent information that accurately describes your invention and how it works. Ideally, you are able to share non-confidential information first. If you wish to disclose confidential information, we can provide an NDA to sign.

Step 3: NLC’s Assessment

At NLC, we have a dedicated team of scientific and business experts that will look into the potential of your invention. Our team will analyse different aspects of the technology to determine the likelihood of its success. Within 2 to 4 days, we will get back to you with our initial findings. Based on our experience of assessing over 10 000 inventions, and nurturing over 80 startup ventures, we value that our feedback is genuine and trustworthy.

The outcome can be the following:

  • We see a potential match, but the stage of your invention is too early so we will get back to you in a few months from now
  • We see a match and follow up with a meeting to further discuss your invention and learn more about your project
  • We do not see a match with NLC. Nevertheless, if we believe in your invention, we will try to match you with other parties or people within our network

Do you have any further questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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